Excellence in DNA

Visionflex is an outstanding company in the Brazilian labels and tags market, with more than twenty years of history and a talented and highly qualified team, which develops the most appropriate, attractive, innovative and creative projects for your company.

Excellence is in Visionflex's DNA, which serves some of the main industries in the food and beverage, aviation, cosmetics, laboratories and retail sectors.


Entrepreneurship, resilience, dedication and personalized service form the key factors in this success story.

The truth is that anyone who wants to start a business needs to understand what their responsibilities will be at the beginning of this journey. In addition to taking care of the business as a whole, the entrepreneur needs to know how to delegate tasks to be able to focus on what really matters: strategic activities. That's why you need to know what your responsibility should actually be and manage the business in the best possible way. Leading the construction of business strategies, monitoring the financial area, knowing the market, publicizing the company and raising funds were the main challenges of these young entrepreneurs. Who are writing this enviable success story.



To be recognized as an important player in the market, committed to the strengthening and propagation of sustainable development in all its production processes and commercial relations.


Develop in an ecologically correct, socially fair and economically viable way the best solutions to identify and value the brands and products of its customers.


Sustainability, Transparency, Ethics, Competence to meet the needs of customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the community.

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