Visionflex action always in favor of Sustainability

Sustainability is the main premise of Visionflex's work and partnerships. From production to commercial relationships, everything here is sustainable!


Far beyond trends

Visionflex's performance is designed in favor of the environment. The management, administration and production processes aim to be recognized as an important player in the market that is committed to strengthening and propagating sustainable development in all its production processes and in its commercial and institutional relationships and is proud of this.

Special investments in sustainability

As a company concerned with sustainability, Visionflex believes that the benefits of offsetting greenhouse gas emissions must be achieved in all possible ways. In addition, invest in:

  • Reuse of water used in the production process;
  • Reuse of burrs and shavings;
  • Environmental education;
  • Selective collection and proper disposal of tailings
  • Dissemination of quality information to society.

For Visionflex, it is a pride to build a web of highly qualified relationships, in favor of a better future!